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Grandpa – a poem


It terrifies me to reach out
And not feel your life alongside mine.
By day, I am numb and distant
But at night I wake myself with my cries,
Wet-eyed and calling out for you.
You were there always,
Creased, weathered hand in my smooth one.
The old time chivalry of men with remnants of fluffy white hair,
A quiet dignity from a time long gone.
Sometimes in the quiet,
A solitude more peaceful than oppressive,
I can hear you.
A quiet voice, whispering words of love,
An ever-present but seldom audible encouragement
And reflections of forevers
Stretching out into a horizon of unknowns,
Frightening yet strangely alluring.
I can make it if you hold my hand.
Do you float in a pool of love,
Surrounded by ripples of ever-present grace?
Do you sing once again,
With the voice of an English schoolboy
In a country church choir,
Jubilant songs of sweet homecomings?
I pray that you stay with me,
And hold me close,
Because without you the night is too dark.
I need you here,
Cradling my aching, grieving head in loving arms
Of eternal unity
And the hope of unwavering togetherness.
I will never stop straining to
Hear you sing soft lullabies,
Lightening the darkness of the night.


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