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Dog people

I am still a fairly new dog owner, and this has been my first summer with my two little hairy darlings. Since I acquired my new little friends, I have been walking with my head held higher, a spring in my step, and my eyes are shining with pride. I have been admitted into a secret fraternity of dog-owners: no longer are we strangers passing on the street, but fellow lovers of our canine companions. These summer sidewalk escapades brim with possibilities: sniffing the butt of the dopey basset hound, romping through the fields with the aged yorkie, even jumping headfirst into the crowd of summer revelers (both furry and skin-covered) at the dog park. It has been a growing experience, not only for my fluff-butts, but for myself as well. Never before have I been loved so unabashedly, unquestioningly, whole-heartedly. 


In a city not particularly renowned for its friendliness, romping the streets with my two canine companions has proven to bring out the best in neighborly relations. When you walk down the street with two adorable dogs, people aren’t afraid to stop and make conversation. As I proudly guide Zoey and Mary-Jane down Sherbrooke Street, smiles beam in our direction, and strangers become neighbors. Becoming a dog owner means joining a subset of people: a specific type of quirky people. Dog owners, more than any other pet, live a lifestyle that truly revolves around their animal. We are passionate and somewhat crazy. My maltese truly are woman’s best friend.


As we plunge into another long, cold Montreal winter, I will miss these moments shared with my two favorite companions. The biting cold of another Canadian winter will keep my girls inside, but the promise of next summer and the memories it will bring propel us through until we see the snow melt and May starts once again to warm our hearts.


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